About us

All operations of LABEX Reagens AB takes place in modern facilities in Helsingborg, to the very south of Sweden. The location is well placed in regard to the regional infrastructure which simplifies shipments both by truck, air and sea. Normal delivery times are just a couple of weeks.

LABEX is working according to the requirements of the Quality Management system ISO 9001:2015, which creates good conditions for providing hematology reagents of very high quality. In order to have solid packages and to assure long stability, all products are put in polyethylene bottles/cans, from 15 ml to 20 l. Kontrollblod 16 is put in plastic vials with a piercable screwcap, packaged in a stable,transparent clamshell.

Most of the reagents are stable for two years or longer after production. Kontrollblod 16 has a shelflife of 160 days.

The LABEX group of companies also include Svenska Labex AB, Labex ApS, Norsk Labex and Labex Instrument. They are distributors for several market leading manufacturers of high quality instruments and diagnostics.